Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Back!!

Hi dolls! First I would like to apologize for being MIA for so long! I have been working on new makeup jobs for local photographers and also modeling. I finished up a makeup job last Friday evening for a Romeo and Juliet inspired photoshoot. I haven't seen the photos yet but the makeup looked amazing on the model when I was finished with her (if I do say so myself...hehe). Of course, the model was gorgeous to begin with so that always helps :) I also worked on a fashion show on August 25th. It was fun, but a ton of work. I'm not sure if I will be doing another one of those. The makeup looked great, though, and I got some wonderful photos for my portfolio out of it.

Modeling is going great! The photographer that I have been working with says that I am definitely way ahead of most brand new models with my posing and expressions. He works with tons of local models so I am always very flattered when he says that :) I got the photos from my first shoot on Sept. 4th. They look amazing! There were 1698 photos total so I had a ton to sort through! It was so hard picking my favorites! I actually ended up submitting one of them to a pinup photo contest through the Pinup America Magazine. I will find out if I win on Sept. 21st. I'm really excited but impatient :) I also have another photoshoot with the same photographer this Friday. I'm super excited! I have some awesome new outfits that I think are going to look amazing!

I have received mixed feedback on my photos. Mostly great comments saying they looked great and they love my curves. However, with our twisted perception of what beauty is I have also received a little bit of negative feedback saying that I need to trim down. I'm all for being healthy and I am on a new workout routine that I'm hoping will help me lose some inches on my waist and hips, but for crying out loud I'm a size 8! For some reason, some people believe you have to be a size 2 to be beautiful and sexy. To me that's the furtherest thing from the truth! If you're naturally thin, then that's beautiful, but if you are starving yourself to be a size 2, that's not sexy! Healthy is beautiful, no matter the dress size!

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