Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sephora Babydoll Nightie Eyeshadow Review

Hi dolls! So I visited my local Sephora store yesterday and picked up a few things. While there I was looking at the Urban Decay (LOVE them!) eyeshadow single in Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. The color was a soft rose pink with silver shimmer. I love how pigmented and velvety the Urban Decay eyeshadows are but I don't really love the price ($18 for one eyeshadow). So, I figured while I was there I would check and see if Sephora made a dupe in their brand ($13 for one eyeshadow, not a lot cheaper but a little). The dupe that I found was Babydoll Nightie. The eyeshadow colors are virtually identical. I will say that Urban Decay is slightly more pigmented and I do love the velvety texture of the UD, but Sephora is definitely a comparable dupe. It has good pigmentation and a lot of shimmer. It will look beautiful as a transition shade on a smokey eye. The texture is kind of chalky, though. Overall, it's a good eyeshadow, however, if I had to do it over again I would spend the extra $5 for the Urban Decay. Hope this helps you guys out! Bye dolls!!

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