Saturday, July 28, 2012

Motorcycle Ride

Hi everyone! So this post is actually not about makeup, but i wanted to share anyway. One of mine and my husband's favorite hobbies is to ride motorcycles with our friends. We participated in a poker run with a friend of ours today. The poker run was to benefit children with down syndrome and autism. We didn't win, but we had fun. Unfortunately, the group that we were riding with did not know where in the world they were going so we ended up doing a huge loop. Our friend nearly ran out of gas (that would have been bad!), but it's all good :) Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is to beg everyone to watch out for motorcycles on the road! When my husband and I were riding home today a guy in a truck tried to pull out in front of us and nearly hit us! Thank goodness for my husband's quick reflexes or we would have been hood ornaments! Motorcycles are everywhere and motorists should respect riders and vice versa. So please watch out for riders and share the road! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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