Monday, July 9, 2012

Updated Review of Bellaboo Skincare

Hi dolls! Just wanted to give you guys a quick updated review of the Bellaboo Gorgeous Skin Moisture Dew as well as the Clear Skin Smoothie Mask. I have been using the Moisture Dew twice a day for the past week and I must say that it has made a dramatic difference in my skin. Before using this moisturizer my skin was very oily and after a week of using this moisturizer my skin is not oily at all, just glowing. I have also used the Clear Skin Smoothie Mask three times and it is amazing!! The mask does initially cause some redness but this subsides after about an hour. The next morning your skin looks and feels much clearer. When I first began using the mask I had about 6 or 7 pimples and now I have one that is also going away. I would definitely recommend giving the Bellaboo skincare line a try! I also plan to buy the face wash when I run out of my current face wash.

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